Ideal Image Nightmare Part 2

Well, I went back to Ideal Image on 10/17/15, and spoke with Natalie.

She assured me my marks would go away in about two weeks. Also, the reason I had pain and these marks was because they burned my skin because the nurse practitioner used the wrong laser on my legs since my skin is darker there than on my face and arms.

Oh lovely. Just the wrong laser; we promise it won’t happen again. Sorry.

She told me my mind was foggy because of the trauma of a “couple of marks” and that she would check in with me in a week to see if my legs are improving, and if they aren’t she’ll prescribe me some bleaching cream.

Oh, and there is a no refund policy in the contract unless THEIR medical director says I cannot continue treatment.

I felt defeated. I was very upset, but all Natalie kept saying was: “I need you to understand that these marks are not permanent and they will go away. This will never happen again because we will never use that laser on your skin again.”

I don’t really give a flying fart in space about the future treatments. I just want this all to disappear completely. This whole situation.

Terry went with me and stayed in the lobby while Natalie and I were talking. Also, the medical director never saw me herself, nor did the nurse practitioner who did my treatment speak to me or examine my legs.

As soon as we left, I burst into tears.

Terry grabbed my contract and went back inside to talk to them about remedying this situation and they said they would call him later in the day and have him come in and discuss the situation.

He called them in a couple of hours and guess what? They said they’d have Natalie call him.

She didn’t.

And I honestly doubt she’ll call him Monday. But who knows, He’ll call them; I know that for a fact.

Apparently, Natalie had let slip that refunds would cost the full price for one treatment, which is vastly more expensive than the discounted package price; so $1200 for one treatment for both legs. Wow.



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