Ideal Image Nightmare Part 3


Terry and I ended up going back to Ideal 10/19/15 and spoke with a different sales woman, who assured me the marks would go away. She also said she’d let Natalie know about getting me set up with a refund.

Natalie called me on 10/23/15.  And she told me she was working on my refund and that she’d keep me posted.


Update: On 11/20/15; I called Natalie and she told me that there would be no refund unless THEIR medical examiner said I wasn’t a good candidate for the laser hair removal. She also wanted to know if my next appointment for my second treatments in Dec, would still be a good date.

No. She lied to me. She said I could get a refund, and now she’s changed her mind.

On 11/24/15 I called Ideal Image’s corporate number (813) a Tampa number. Though, Ironically, on a smart phone, when you click the 813 number, you are automatically dialing their 1-800 number, which then transfers you to your local Ideal Image.

There, one of the women, Sharon, told me that ONLY Natalie would be able to view my case AFTER I repeatedly asked to speak to someone above Natalie. She kept insisting there was NO ONE above Natalie.

Another Lie.

I called the 813 corporate number and finally got in touch with a corporate member who told me she left a message for the Ideal Image store manager, Mark. Apparently this company functions as a franchise. She told me that Mark would contact me most likely after the Thanksgiving Holiday and I should hear from him by Monday 11/30 or Tuesday 12/1. I gave her my number and my e-mail.

I will call them first thing Monday morning and I will not stop until this is resolved.

I will NEVER return to Ideal Image.

My legs have white patches on my thighs and on my shins, you can still see the outline of the circles where she BURNED ME.

It has been almost 7 WEEKS and my LEGS ARE STILL SCARRED.

I have never been more displeased and scared of a company.

I can never go back. Who knows how many more burns they would inflict on me?

I cancelled my credit card tonight and you best bet; I will be demanding a refund for the legs and for the third of the bikini package charged to my Visa (I didn’t have ANY of the bikini treatments done, but they charged me $536.

Learn from my mistakes. If you are considering laser hair removal; research your options. STAY AWAY FROM IDEAL IMAGE.

Read the contracts FULLY.

Ideal Image has the worst, most callous sales consultants I have ever met. They treat you like you’re an idiot; they don’t give you their word, or stay with their word. They have horrible customer service who think they can give you the roundabout.

Also: NOT ONCE did Natalie call me back. She knows she did wrong by me and she thinks ignoring me will make me go away? HELL NO.

I will post an update after this week.


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