Must-Do List

In no particular order.

~Read 500 books.

~Watch 500 movies.

~Go (mini) cliff jumping.

~Go real camping (not glamping, sadly)

~Meet Jesse McCartney

~Meet Chris Evans

~Have a first kiss

~Fall in love.

~Get married.


~Go ice skating.

~Attend a baby shower.

~Have a baby shower

~Attend a wedding/bridal shower

~Have a wedding/bridal shower

~Plan a wedding on my own.

~Be in a wedding.

~Attend a wedding.

~Go para-sailing.

~Go on a stargazing date.

~See two movies & only pay for one (bad noodle, but it was funn)

~Visit (in US):

-Florida Keys

-Hollywood, CA

-Boston, MA

-The Mall of America

-Grand Canyon


~Travel to:

-Ireland: Dublin, Limerick, Galway again (because I was 6 last time we were there) (Galway)


-France  (Paris)

-New Zealand



-The Netherlands

~Own a West Highland White Terrier

~Have a pet Chameleon named Pascal

~Take a ballroom dancing class

~Make a three course dinner

~Throw a fancy house party

~Throw someone a surprise Birthday party

~Have a 4.0 in college (a semester/a full year)

~Stop biting my nails

~Have super long hair down past the middle of my back

~Go on a cruise

~Write a draft of a novel

~Have a job that I like/love.

~Jump in a pool with all my clothes on.

~Graduate with my Bachelor’s degree

~Buy my own car (with my own money)

~Save money up for a spontaneous trip to anywhere in the world

~Take a spontaneous road trip for a weekend

~Say yes to everything for a day.

~Say no to everything for a day.

~Visit every Disney Park:

Disneyland Paris

Disney World (FL)

-Disney Land (CA)

-Tokyo Disney


7 thoughts on “Must-Do List

  1. London is amazing! You should go there 🙂 Haha, I love the ‘say yes/no to everything for a day 🙂 Have you ever seen Yes Man with Jim Carrey? He says yes to everything 🙂


  2. I was thinking about how awesome it would be to complete this list when I came to the “stop biting my nails” item…and realized I was biting them at that very moment.

    Anyway, this is a bucket list inspiration. I’ll be adding a few to mine, starting with the quitting the nail chomping.

    Liked by 1 person

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