Ideal Image Nightmare Part 3

Well, Terry and I ended up going back to Ideal 10/19/15 and spoke with a different sales woman, who assured me the marks would go away. She also said she’d let Natalie know about getting me set up with a refund. Natalie called me on 10/23/15.  And she told me she was working on my refund and that she’d keep me posted. *** Update: On 11/20/15; … Continue reading Ideal Image Nightmare Part 3

Liebster Award (: Round Three

I was graciously nominated for another Liebster award back in November by the lovely Kendel over at Little Misadventures. It’s taken me a while to properly accept and pass on this inspiring award. Here we go! Rules! (Minor alteration because I know we all have busy lives, I’m going to shorten some of the rules) Post the award on your blog. Thank the blogger who … Continue reading Liebster Award (: Round Three

Blog of The Year 2013

Thanks, Deb! Out of the 70 or so blogs that I follow fairly religiously; Deb’s is by far my favorite. I don’t how she does it, but she’s incredibly strong and blunt and hilarious and I absolutely adore her blog. The ‘rules’ for this award are simple: 1. Select another blog(s) who deserve the award; 2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) … Continue reading Blog of The Year 2013

This is Insane! (Good Insane) :)

Is this real life? No, in all sincerity, a humongous THANK YOU! MERCI! I started this blog because I’ve always journaled and kept diaries throughout my life. And I have a couple of typed journals on my desktop from high school. Who knew I would find a home away from home and school in a wonderful community such as the WordPress family? I’ve tried Blogger … Continue reading This is Insane! (Good Insane) 🙂

You Guys Rock :) Thank You!

This has to be the month of awards. I feel very honored and blessed. Another Versatile Award. I want to give a shout out thank you to The Unfortunate Virgin Male. It’s crazy how much I’ve grown to love my WordPress family of readers, followers, and bloggers. I love catching up on everyone’s lives and their trials and tribulations. Thank you 🙂 Here are the … Continue reading You Guys Rock 🙂 Thank You!

Another Liebster Award :)

The awesome blogger, Jen, over at nominated me for this award! It was a great surprise especially after the week I’ve had with T. Everyone on this site has been super kind and I love connecting with all different kinds of blogs from people all over the world. The Liebster Award Rules:   You must link back the person who nominated you. You must … Continue reading Another Liebster Award 🙂

Versatile Blogger Award :) Thank YOU

Crissyb315 has graciously nominated my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. It always comes as a surprise when this blog is up for any nominations. Thank you again, Christine!         Here are the rules: Display the Award Certificate on your blog. Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination. Present 15 awards … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 Thank YOU