Life Updates & New Site!

Wow guys, it’s been ages. I’m in my final semester of my undergraduate journey and I’m very excited and anxious about life after graduation in December. This blog has evolved so much and was my creative outlet for years. I’m so thankful for getting to share the blogging world with some great folks. I won’t be updating this blog anymore, but good news! I’ve started … Continue reading Life Updates & New Site!

Ideal Image Nightmare Part 3

Well, Terry and I ended up going back to Ideal 10/19/15 and spoke with a different sales woman, who assured me the marks would go away. She also said she’d let Natalie know about getting me set up with a refund. Natalie called me on 10/23/15.  And she told me she was working on my refund and that she’d keep me posted. *** Update: On 11/20/15; … Continue reading Ideal Image Nightmare Part 3

Ideal Image Nightmare Part 2

Well, I went back to Ideal Image on 10/17/15, and spoke with Natalie. She assured me my marks would go away in about two weeks. Also, the reason I had pain and these marks was because they burned my skin because the nurse practitioner used the wrong laser on my legs since my skin is darker there than on my face and arms. Oh lovely. Just the wrong laser; … Continue reading Ideal Image Nightmare Part 2

Ideal Image Nightmare (Part 1)

*Reposting* The trauma happened on Tuesday, October 13th. I went with a new friend of mine to her Ideal Image LHR (laser hair removal) appointment. She was having her third treatment for her underarm hair ($1500 for nine treatments and payments for 24 months, no interest). Originally, I was going to wait in the waiting room and pop outside to call my boyfriend, while she was at … Continue reading Ideal Image Nightmare (Part 1)

Who Inspires Me?

My mother will always be my number one inspiration. She’s independent, strong-willed, hilarious, and real. She raised me on her own (for the most part), and she’s never complained, and still doesn’t complain about much. I wish I had her undeniable likeability and her infectious laugh. It’s always been her and me. My dad was around, but he was never really “there” 100%. She never … Continue reading Who Inspires Me?

Strangers No More

There’s this ridiculously attractive guy in my microeconomics class and this whole semester, I’ve done nothing but sneak and not so subtly stare at him. Finally. Today. We spoke. He and his friend happened to be walking behind me and I slowed my pace and starting talking to him. We’ll call him JT. He’s a sophomore, and majoring in Finance. Super well dressed, part of … Continue reading Strangers No More