New Blog Obsession

Blondie’s Blog Okay, I may be slightly biased because this blog is written by one of my friends, a friend who, although we haven’t seen each other since graduation and don’t have the chance to talk every day, is still of my dearest friends since my big move my sophomore year of high school. Her blog is about her study abroad adventures this semester. Yes, … Continue reading New Blog Obsession

Liebster Award (: Round Three

I was graciously nominated for another Liebster award back in November by the lovely Kendel over at Little Misadventures. It’s taken me a while to properly accept and pass on this inspiring award. Here we go! Rules! (Minor alteration because I know we all have busy lives, I’m going to shorten some of the rules) Post the award on your blog. Thank the blogger who … Continue reading Liebster Award (: Round Three